“I'm that fluffy, sparkle, look at me kinda girl.. with an edge. My designs are not for the shy"

Each of my creations are hand fashioned using antique jewelry, unique lost & forgotten findings, and everyday household items creating the ultimate vintage flair meets industrial chic design. These are truly "Statement" pieces and will get you noticed. In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

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March 24-25th Cardinal Building Ohio Expo

” I’m not a fluffy, sparkle, gaudy kinda girl! So I decided I will start my own line of jewelry for the “Non-girlie girls” out there! I love being able to make affordable pieces that every woman & MAN can wear. I use authentic, antique watch parts, vintage pieces and other Renaissance-inspired materials to create many one of a kind designs. My inspiration is pulled directly from my personal life in that I am fascinated by the unconventional subcultures.